Halal Slaughtering Certificate

Islam, the religion followed by the muslims, establishes some rules for the followers, dividing it into three categories:



Foods which consumption are forbidden, as for example pork meat, dog, cat, tiger, bugs, carnivorous animals, dishes prepared with any kind of blood, as well as alcoholic beverages and its derivatives.



Foods that can be consumed, although it is recommended not to do, such as horsemeat and others foods.



Foods that its consumption is allowed, as green and vegetables, lamb, sheep, goat, ox, cow, chicken, hen, rooster, as long as the animal has been slaughtered following the principles of the Islamic religion.

The producers qualified for the production of meat with the Halal Certificate have the slaughterhouse or productions hooks turned towards Mecca; the measurement is made by the bleeder with help of a compass, so that at the right moment of the slaughter, the animal's chest is towards that direction.

The Islamic slaughter is made by a bleeder, with a supervisor, both Muslims, using a very sharp knife, saying the phrase "In the name of God", on a half moon motion cutting both jugulars, esophagus and the trachea, without severing the head, on that way the animal doesn't release prejudicial enzymes by the time of its death. After the ceasing of life and blood draining, the process of removal of the leather, brains and other processes of industrialization are conducted.

Once the process is over, the product receives the Halal seal certifying that the Islamic precepts of production and slaughter were followed and that the food can be consumed by muslins.

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